Tea, Big and Small

“Strangely enough humanity so far has met in the tea cup.”

–Kakuzo Okakura, the Book of Tea

Tea is a drink with a rich history, deep cultural importance worldwide, and an extensive influence on the daily experiences of millions of people. In this way tea is a large scale part of the world.

But tea is also simple. Tea is about an brief break for refreshing energy and clearing the mind. Tea is about a shared moment between a few people. It’s on this small scale that tea has its most powerful influence. It is a small drink that hides the power to shape the world one cup at a time.

In this guide we will explore the big and small scale of tea as well as practical information about the different types of tea and how to make it. We’ll start with talking about what exactly tea is and what the different kinds are. Then we’ll talk about the different ways to make tea and some basic guidelines for getting started. Finally, we’ll talk about the history of tea, how tea has influenced cultures worldwide, and the connection between tea, health, community, and mindfulness—a connection that gives tea its lasting place as the world’s favorite cup.

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